bigDstudios is primarily a private studio with projects usually completed in-house, but if required and by special arrangement artistes such as voice actors or singers may be invited to work directly in the studio.

Initially bigDstudios will liaise with a potential client to discuss their requirements and expectations. This gives both parties the opportunity to assess whether a successful partnership or collaboration is possible and realistic. We believe that it is vital to the process that everyone involved feels at ease with the proposal and with each other.

We will look at all your requirements and specifications and then discuss the best way forward for you. If we feel we cannot provide the necessary service we will happily signpost you to someone who can.

If you are looking for big lights, fancy mixing desks and the generic razzle dazzle experience then this is not the studio for you. What we promise to offer instead is a holistic approach.

We will provide uniquely created work of the highest quality, a relaxed atmosphere, attention to the finest detail, all honed from decades of experience, and most importantly: the personal touch.

voice samples

A short excerpt from the narration for the dvd "The life of Shakespeare" performed by Ian Richardson
A scene from "Starrats" featuring the "alienised" voice of Lorna Bryant, originally a client and now also an associate member of our in house VO team

Currently Selected: All the world's a stage


show reels

Musicians and singers can combine a selection of their work into one comprehensive seamless piece of art. This is a great vehicle to remotely transport, and show off your talents to potential clients, audiences, performance venues etc.


Share your musical ideas with us and we will arrange them into a song or instrumental track for you. Alternatively you can commission us to compose a brand new track. This service is ideal for singers, songwriters and musicians and covers a wide range of genres of music from classical to pop.

ortable recording studio

We offer this to clients with special requirements and needs for example if you are unable to travel due to a disability or illness and also to those with larger projects that may involve bands, choirs, orchestras or vocal harmony groups. We will locate an appropriate and conducive recording space and make all the necessary arrangements.
All you have to do is turn up and make the music. Tea and chocolate biscuits are optional, but would be greatly appreciated!

in house vocal coach and professional singer songwriter

Along with our team of voice actors we also have the luxury of an associate in-house vocal coach and professional singer/songwriter should you need help or guidance with voice production and technique or ideas related to composition and lyrics.


show reels - for actors or voice over artistes by invitation

This is an excellent way to show case your talent. Show reels are commonly used for online job applications or auditions and to add to your own personal website for potential clients to view.

voice over work

We provide high quality recordings for all audio projects which have been accepted for broadcast by the BBC and ITV. Such projects may include audiobooks, corporate presentations, film, television, and gaming. We have an excellent team of associate in-house voice actors available if required but we are also happy to work with your own VO artistes. This offers a fantastic opportunity for voice actors and voice-over artistes to achieve high quality, professional recordings.