post production

This stage marks the final chapter of any audio production design venture, (it's nearly time to crack open the champagne!). This is the process of synchronising and combining all the elements needed to finalise your project. This includes narration, dialogue, music and Foley. We adeptly treat narration scripts, radio scripted dialogue, documentary commentary, audio books, movie trailers, explainer videos, telephone IVR and auto attendant, video games, videos, apps, programs, audio plays, commercials, pulling everything together, ironing out the wrinkles and adding that secret polish which is the unique signature of bigDstudios.

song or music montage

Whether you want a seamless dynamic 'mash-up' or simply a coherent montage of multiple tracks for a special occasion or event, simply provide us with the required tracks and we will do the rest. For example: Wedding (first dance), Musical Theatre Finale, Corporate Christmas party booster.

media transfers

As befits our personal touch ethos we love this service. It enables us to help you preserve those cherished recordings on delicate formats that degrade over time such as vinyl and cassette. We make this possible with our media transfer service transferring from vinyl, cassette, minidisc and DAT. All are transferred to digital files with the benefit of audio treatments that you cannot achieve at home with a simple USB interface. Your memories are safe with us!


music videos

An opportunity to create and star in your own music video expertly directed, filmed and produced by us. We will consult with you every step of the way to ensure we achieve the very best result we can for you.

shooting videos

Here's your chance to get truly creative and artsy. You come up with the ideas and we will film and produce them. Whether it is a nature video or a family or other special occasion, or perhaps even putting poetry to motion; We will help put your ideas into action.

personal or professional footage

This is an ideal service for smaller private projects. It is designed for people who wish to create a video memory of special events such as weddings, graduation ceremonies and anniversaries. We will discuss the running order with you and then using your own footage, shot on your own devices, we will create a memorable video that you can share with your family and friends.

visual show reels

This is a service for actors, singers and musicians or anyone who would like to video their art. A wonderful tool for self-promotion.


We take and combine all the elements needed for a project and assemble them into video format. For example photos, information, reviews, historical facts and other related items. This service is perfect for clients such as care home, hotels, resorts, conferences, sports centres, wildlife sanctuary's, theme parks and many others. This package is designed to produce unique, and specialised promotional, educational and instructional videos for small or large companies and organisations.