our core business

We provide a highly professional service aimed at corporate businesses and large organisations. We also work in association with smaller companies commissioned by large elite clients in the industry such as Disney, Marvel and Warner Bros.

We pride ourselves in being able to produce exclusive musical works to meet the needs of all our clients.

composing and arranging

If you are looking for a specific piece of music to become your brand signature, to enhance a corporate presentation, or to support an AR/VR/gaming experience, then this is our forte. We are equally at home composing music for television and radio projects. Simply give us your specifications and timeline, and let us provide you with a stunning piece of music expertly crafted to meet your requirements over a wide range of genres from a cinematic orchestral masterpiece to scintillating electro-pop.

music samples

A short collection of excerpts from music commissioned for Disney/Marvel projects associated with (in order) Frozen, Toy Story and Iron Man 3
A short collection of excerpts from stylised incidental music and stings composed for "23rd Century" representing (in order) Sex Pistols, Elvis Presley and Iggy Pop
"A Torrid Affair" was commissioned for "23rd Century" to substitute for "I've got you under my skin" as the cost of licensing the Frank Sinatra song was prohibitive

Currently Selected: Hollywood Excerpts

music to picture

This is a specialised niche in the music industry requiring great skill and a broad understanding of music and film.It requires keen interpretation and imagination of which we have an abundance at bigDstudios. Simply put we can take any picture project and enhance it with dynamic, compelling atmospheric and evocative compositions.


We provide professional re-workings of commercial tracks and musical compositions from any genre.
We are particularly qualified and proficient at taking any original composition and then with some clever jiggery-pokery achieving an almost indistinguishable yet subtly altered replica track. You will hardly be able to tell the original from the reworked piece. Alternatively if you are looking to achieve a 'similar' piece we are able to tailor the process to your needs and can produce compositions far enough away from the original yet still familiar to the public.
This is a particularly valuable and popular utility as it means avoiding complex copyright/licensing issues that may delay or prevent projects proceeding.

remote or portable project production service

This is an extremely flexible and practicable service. Perfect for foreign corporate clientele as well as large busy organisations across the UK bound by strict deadlines and time restrictions. All projects are communicated via online discussions where you will have the opportunity to convey the specific requirements and timescale for your project.

consultancy service

This is a portable or remote package for companies looking for inspiration and advice on how to boost their business profile creatively through music and sound. Alternatively it assists clients who have hit a brick wall with ideas on a project and who require practical or technical guidance on how to complete and maximise the potential of their vision.

At bigDstudios we can support you through the whole process.