superior music and sound design production service

bigDstudios is a small private studio developed and designed to bring you the diversity and all the personal elements of the big studio experience.

The studio is located about 15 miles from Exeter and is built on all the experience and reputation gained during it's time at Littlebridge, just across the road from the Westpoint Arena.

It is principally a Mac based music production and editing suite with an adjoining performance area to accomodate a single performer.

When working with VO artistes or invited singers and musicians, the compact nature of the studio lends itself to the relaxed atmosphere and highly communicative production style for which bigDstudios is rapidly gaining a reputation.

the production

music samples

Commissioned for a Relaxation CD. Client specifications emphasised atmosphere and tone over structure.
This is a free flowing improvised piano piece with ambient over-tones.
A Commissioned piece for a Moods CD. The client specified non structured and free form, improvised piano music interwoven with gentle evocative themes.
A montage of various fragments by the award nominated Annie Lennox tribute band "Who's That Girl?"

Currently Selected: African Silver

A quality production has many elements: the concept, the style and genre, composition, sound design, arrangement, mixing and mastering. It is an organic, multifarious and complete art and can only be executed and refined with the skill and perception that only the best sound technicians possess. It's not just about the programming!
Here at bigDstudios we aim to provide those special ingredients that have been lost in the digital age, 'The human touch'. You will have the opportunity to bring your projects to life under the guidance and expertise of Steve Watts, a recording and sound engineer with experience in the music industry spanning over 30 years.
Our mission is to support you and guide you through all the various stages of your project and enable you to successfully realise your ideas.

the pearl approach

Creatives tend to have no shortage of ideas and too often find themselves drowning in a sea of concepts but are at a loss when trying to sift and shape them into reality. This is where bigDStudios becomes an invaluable resource. Share your ocean of ideas and we will locate the pearls. We will listen, identify and focus on the (often hidden) potential, and then with great care and sensitivity produce something rare, admirable and valuable.

the illusion

With the demise of the big star spangled recording studios (only now for rich and famous) and the emergence of apps like GarageBand, many people are under the misconception that simply by programming you can achieve the same result as you would alongside a professional producer in a studio. We are specifically designed and qualified to bridge that gap. Every piece of music is treated as a unique, individual creation in its own right and executed with precision and expertise.

the concept

Ideas are like people: complex, unique and diverse. Every musical concept or project has a personality and must be treated as such with understanding, patience, and a highly developed insight into how to coax out and achieve its true potential.